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Appendix E: Priestly Miracles

Priest spells work like most DMs run them. You can cast any of your 1st level spells as long as you have at least one 1st level spell slot left for the day. You automatically know all the spells normally available to you out of the list given in this book. Clerics of any of the Church branches may cast spells listed under All. The others spells available for each branch of the Church are listed seperately.

Cooperative Spells

Cooperative spells are unique to priests of the Church of Three. These spells allow several priests to combine their abilities to create a greater effect. Combine is one type of cooperative spell.

Cooperative spells do not require a focus or devotional energy; all that is required are two or more clerics of sufficient level to cast any cooperative spell. Casting times for cooperative spells are not excessive and their results are spectacular, making cooperative magic practical and useful to adventuring priests.

All priests who attempt cooperative magic must know the spell to be cast and must be of the same ethos. Generally, only priests of the same religion can use cooperative magic. However, priests of deities known to work in close harmony are sometimes able to use cooperative magic with each other. The decision lies with the DM, since the relations between different deities vary greatly from campaign to campaign.

Italicized spells are reversible.

Bold spells are reprinted in this reader.

* next to a spell means it is a cooperative spell.


Bless (1st)

Create Water (1st)

Cure Light Wounds (1st)

Light (1st)

Purify Food & Drink (1st)

Aid (2nd)

Aura of Comfort (2nd)

Chant (2nd)

Create Holy Symbol (2nd)

Cure Moderate Wounds (2nd)

Hold Person (2nd)

Slow Poison (2nd)

Withdraw (2nd)

Cure Blindness or Deafness (3rd)

Cure Disease (3rd)

Hold Animal (3rd)

Hold Poison (3rd)

Locate Object (3rd)

Prayer (3rd)

Remove Curse (3rd)

Remove Paralysis (3rd)

Cure Serious Wounds (4th)

Focus (4th)

Neutralize Poison (4th)

Recitation (4th)

Spell Immunity (4th)

Cure Critical Wounds (5th)

Heal (6th)

Land of Stability (6th)

Regenerate (7th)

Church of Three

Combine* (1st)

Faerie Fire (1st)

Orison (1st)

Sanctuary (1st)

Fire Trap (2nd)

Mystic Transfer* (2nd)

Sanctify* (2nd)

Spiritual Hammer (2nd)

Create Food & Water (3rd)

Glyph of Warding (3rd)

Magical Vestment (3rd)

Unearthly Choir* (3rd)

Water Walk (3rd)

Fire Purge* (4th)


Imbue with Spell Ability (4th)

Reflecting Pool (4th)

Uplift* (4th)

Blessed Abundance (5th)

Magic Font (5th)

Meld* (5th)

Blade Barrier (6th)

The Great Circle* (6th)

Heroe’s Feast (6th)

Spiritual Wrath* (6th)

Confusion (7th)

Symbol (7th)


Dispel Fatigue (1st)

Endure Cold/Heat (1st)

Pass Without Trace (1st)

Strength of Stone (1st)

Iron Vigil (2nd)

Resist Fire/Cold (2nd)

Warp Wood (2nd)

Feign Death (3rd)

Flame Walk (3rd)

Protection from Fire (3rd)

Stone Shape (3rd)

Water Walk (3rd)

Blessed Warmth (4th)

Body Clock (4th)

Free Action (4th)

Suspended Animation (4th)

Tongues (4th)

Unfailing Endurance (4th)

Othertime (5th)

Transmute Rock to Mud (5th)

True Seeing (5th)

Find the Path (6th)

Speak with Monsters (6th)

Stone Tell (6th)

Earthquake (7th)

Timelessness (7th)


Anti-Vermin Barrier (1st)

Detect Poison (1st)

Invisibility to Animals (1st)

Locate Plants or Animals (1st)

Remove Fear (1st)

Shillelagh (1st)

Barkskin (2nd)

Goodberry (2nd)

Heat Metal (2nd)

Messenger (2nd)

Snake Charm (2nd)

Speak with Animals (2nd)

Warp Wood (2nd)

Plant Growth (3rd)

Slow Rot (3rd)

Spike Growth (3rd)

Starshine (3rd)

Summon Insects (3rd)

Tree (3rd)

Weather Prediction (3rd)

Age Plant (4th)

Cloak of Bravery (4th)

Hallucinatory Forest (4th)

Hold Plant (4th)

Plant Door (4th)

Repel Insects (4th)

Speak with Plants (4th)

Sticks to Snakes (4th)

Animal Growth (5th)

Antiplant Shell (5th)

Commune with Nature (5th)

Insect Plague (5th)

Spike Stones (5th)

True Seeing (5th)

Antianimal Shell (6th)

Fire Seeds (6th)

Liveoak (6th)

Turn Wood (6th)

Wall of Thorns (6th)

Changestaff (7th)

Creeping Doom (7th)

Sunray (7th)

Transmute Metal to Wood (7th)


Dispel Fatigue (1st)

Endure Cold/Heat (1st)

Log of Everburning (1st)

Remove Fear (1st)

Sanctuary (1st)

Dust Devil (2nd)

Flame Blade (2nd)

Produce Flame (2nd)

Resist Fire/Cold (2nd)

Watery Fist (2nd)

Wyvern Watch (2nd)

Flame Walk (3rd)

Meld into Stone (3rd)

Protection from Fire (3rd)

Pyrotechnics (3rd)

Stone Shape (3rd)

Water Walk (3rd)

Call Lightning (4th) [Moved up from 3rd]

Cloak of Bravery (4th)

Control Temperature, 10’ Radius (4th)

Free Action (4th)

Lower Water (4th)

Produce Fire (4th)

Solipsism (4th)

Control Winds (5th)

Flame Strike (5th)

Wall of Fire (5th)

Animate Object (6th)

Conjure Fire Elemental (6th)

Disbelief (6th)

Find the Path (6th)

Part Water (6th)

Transmute Water to Dust (6th)

Animate Rock (7th)

Conjure Earth Elemental (7th)

Fire Storm (7th)

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