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Thri-Kreen Fighting Styles

By: Cris Phoenix

Two Weapon/Shield(2): There are obvious benefits to this. Besides the normal reduction of the two-weapon fighting penalties, the kreen would also get the AC bonus of a shield. Heavier shields would be much more difficult to use in this manner, and the use of such would add another -1 to attack penalties for the weapons. By heavier shields I mean those of Medium size and bigger, as described in the PHB.

Two Shields/One Weapon: This allows a kreen to use two light shields (see above) in combination, as well as a single weapon. The weapon should be of size S or M. L-size weapons will incur a -2 penalty to attack.

Double Shield/Two Weapons(3): This is a very difficult style to master, costing three weapon proficiency slots to use. This allows a kreen to use the two-handed shield above in concert with two S or M size weapons. An L-sized weapon incurs a -4 to attack and a -1 to damage in this combo.

Two Weapons/Two Shields(3): Another three-pointer. This allows a kreen to wield two S-M size weapons and two small shields (as described above) in one round. The kreenīs preferred hand has a -1 to attack, and a +2 to the offhand. Rangers do not have this penalty.

Four Weapons (3): Similar to the human and demihuman Two-Weapon style, this one is a definite kreen exclusive. It is another difficult one, however, costing three weapon proficiency slots. This allows a kreen to wield four S-M size weapons at once, even then incurring a -1 to attack for the top two and -3 for the bottom two. A ranger kreen would have a -1 to attack with the bottom two only. Using a L-size weapon incurs a -5 attack penalty for that weapon.

Two Chatkchas/One Weapons (2/3): This allows a kreen to throw two chatkchas and strike with a single other weapon. For 3 proficiency slots, either two weapons or a two-handed weapon may be used.

Chatkcha Throwing (2/3): Some kreen are able to master the use of the chatkcha even more than usual. The chatkcha weapon proficiency is considered to be purchased with both versions. For 2 slots, the kreen can make a thrown chatkcha return even from any hit besides a natural 20. For 3 slots, the kreen also gets a +1 to damage and a +2 to attack.

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