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JabberWock: The Word Generator


JabberWock is a DOS program that randomly generates words. The original version of this program I wrote just for fun - I wanted to see what randomly-generated words I could get the computer to come up with. I think it may be useful when you're in the business of inventing words or names (writing fantasy/science fiction, for example). If nothing else I've found it gets you brainstorming. JabberWock generally follows a '...consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel...' format, which is the pattern of most human languages.

Here's some examples of words JabberWock generates: Vogas, Shachel, Luraso, Bakopig, Malogim, Goveza, Rayakuv, Zegish, Jeknix, Eveshir, Phojal, Muzalo, Domawa, Dusoy, Lobug, Zowengi, Julevib, Choyeme, Obayira, Erayer, Miyabet


JabberWock v1.0 (FREEWARE, .ZIP format, only 32.1 KB!)


  1. jabber.exe
  2. jwhelp.dat
  3. option.dat
  4. letters.dat
  5. letters.bkp
  6. readme.txt


jabber.txt: is the QBasic source code (I retain the copyright) for you programmers. Even if you program in C or other languages, the code is simple to understand.

FUNCTIONS of the JabberWock interface:

The setting options allow more diversity by allowing word length, among other things, to be altered. (The settings for the words listed above were 5 to 7 in length, no prefixes or suffixes)

The SAVE function saves a generated word to a text file specified by you. You can open this file with any text viewer.
Choose length(s) of the generated word.
You can input both letters that will precede and proceed the generated letters. These do not count toward the word length--the word length refers only to the number of generated letters.
The first generated letter can be specified as Consonant, Vowel, or randomly between the two.
The above option settings and the word list PATH are saved to disk-- next time the program is executed, it will load up the saved settings.
'letters.dat' is a file that contains the letters JabberWock chooses from; You can open and edit it with any text editor. This allows you to add/subtract letters (or groups of letters) according to what you want.

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JabberWock was created by Steven Duggar. He encouraged people to share it with the world. Please feel free to distribute this program, but only if you include everything in jabber.zip intact, just the way it was distributed originally, and don't charge anything for it.

Last Updated Sat Aug 11, 2007