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AD&D Martial Arts Varient

by: Phillip Riley

Name: Of course the style name!

Skill Level: Easy, Hard, Master.

Family: "Family's" of martial arts are martial arts with similar (but distinguishablly different) techniques. Example families are: Kung-fu: Dragon Kung-fu, Shou Lin Kung-fu, Drunken Monkey Kung-fu, Tiger Kung-fu, etc; Jeet Kune Do: Boxing, Judo, Wing Chun Kung-fu, Escrima.

Philosophy: This is a study of a body of beliefs. Character are taught these beliefs as they learn their particular style. Whether or not the character acutally believes these teaching is up to the individual character. Example Philosophies: Buddism, Shinto, Taoism (more will be given on Philosophies later).

Combat Skills

Bonus # Attacks: Number of attacks in addition to what the character would normally recieve. See below.

Damage: Amount of damage normally done by attacks from the specific style. See below.

AC: This is the modifier to the AC of the character. Block/Parry + Dodge = Modifier to AC.


Strike: Modifier to strike with hands.

Kick: Modifier to strike with feet.

Block/Parry: Modifier to block/parry.

Dodge: Modifier to dodge.

Throw: Modifier attack roll when attempting to throw a character.

Hold: Modifier to attack roll when attempting to put a character into a hold.

Escape: Modifier to break holds.

Sweep: Modifier to "sweep" legs.

Grapple: Modifier to grapple with another character.

Weapon: Modifier to specific weapons allowed by the style (See Weapon Kata below).

Weapon Kata: The weapons allowed by the style.

Primary Disciplines: Primary disciplines reflect the main focus of the individual styls; they are usually taught first, and students will dedicate more time and energy to master them.

Secondary Disciplines: Secondary disciplines are also part of the style's repertoire, but are either taught only at higher levels, or are not given much attention throughout.

Style Disadvantage: As all styles have advantages, most have disadvantages. Example disadvantages are: "cannot use weapons", "must be unencumbered", "must use weapons".

BonusTotal # of
# ofPoints Applied
DifficultyAttacksDamage# TechniquesToward Techniques

* Easy styles have no requirements.

** Hard styles require learning two easy styles.

*** Master styles require learning two easy styles plus two hard syles or any three syles from the same family (in that case the "Master" art must also be from the same family.

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