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Pitheia Goddess of Psionics

By: Sheryl Heil

Lesser power of Nirvana. True neutral.

Requirements; Constitution 11, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 15.

Weapons allowed; same as clerics.

Armor allowed; no metal armor.

Major spheres; all, animal, charm, creation, divination, elemental, necromantic, healing, protection, summoning.

Minor spheres; sun, weather.

Magic items; same as clerics.

Granted powers;

Other notes.

Before the Time of Troubles Pitheia was virtually unknown because she was imprisoned by evil gods some five thousand years before. She was almost entirely forgotten and had very few followers scattered about in small isolated temples throughout the Realms. During the Time of Troubles she gained strength and was freed a few years later. Since then her followers have increased dramatically and there are several temples to her throughout the Realms.

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