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Martial Arts Feats

By: Phillip Riley & Phooka

Daisho [General]

You have mastered the technique of fighting with Katana and Wakizashi.

Regions: Kozakura, Wa

Prerequisites: Exotic Weapon Proficiency; Katana, Martial Weapon Proficiency; Wakizashi, Two Weapon Fighting

Benefit: Your penalties for fighting with Katana and Wakizashi are further reduced by 1.

Dance of the Thousand Stars [General]

You hide several shuriken on your body, anywhere from head to foot. In an emergency, you can pull them out and begin throwing them extremely quickly. In order to avoid presenting a stationary target and to build up momentum for your throws, you spin, move and duck as you reach to grasp shuriken and throw them. A highly trained practitioner's moves are so fluid that they often seem like a "dance".

Region: Kozakura, Wa, Japanese style settings

Prerequisites: Dex 13+, Exotic Weapon Proficiency; Shuriken, Mobility, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot

Benefits: When you perform a full round action, you give up your regular attacks and instead make a number of shuriken attacks equal to your Dexterity modifier at your full attack bonus against opponents within point blank range.

Fearsome [General]

You are fearless and you inspire fear.

Prerequisites: 8 Ranks of Intimidate, Base Attack Bonus 7+

Benefit: You gain the benefits of the Frightful Presence Special Ability from the Monster Manual.

Iaijutsu [General]

You have learned the art of drawing and striking at the same time.

Regions: Kozakura, Wa

Prerequisites: Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, Weapon Focus

Benefit: You are considered to be threatening your normal threat range even while your weapon is sheathed.

Improvised Melee Weapons [General]

You are good at using unfamiliar weapons and improvising random objects such as chairs or ladders as weapons.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +5, Dex 15+

Benefit: You make attack rolls when using random objects or weapons you are not proficient in at a -2 penalty.

Normal: A character that uses a weapon without being proficient with it suffers a -4 penalty on attack rolls.

Kirisutogomen [Special]

Samurai have the right to kll anyone of a lower class.

Prerequisite: Only Samurai may take this feat.

Benefit: No law enforcenent may arrest or otherwise penalize a Samurai for killing someone of lower class.

Martial Weaponry [Martial]

You have spent considerable amounts of time training with weapons.

Prerequisite: Profiency with weapon

Benefit: Pick any two weapons you are proficient with. You can use these weapons as monk special weapons.

Special: This feat may be taken multiple times, selecting new weapons each time.

Reflection [General]

You have been trained to turn attacks back upon a foe.

Prerequisite: Base attack Bonus of +6 or Higher, Expertise, Int 13+

Benefit: Declare that you are using the feat before you make your attack roll. If you make a successful attack roll, the foe or another adversary within striking distance suffers normal damage from the foe's attack. An unsuccessful attack roll results in you taking normal damage from the blow. You may attempt reflection once per day for every three levels you have attained, and no more than once per round.

Shadowy Background [General]

You were born into or (in the case of non-humans) adopted by a ninja clan, and is considered Shinobi (low-ranking ninja).

Prerequisites: Dex 13+, Int 11+

Benefits: You gain the benefit of being able to take the Assassin prestige class with more lax restrictions:

Special: This feat may only be taken at character creation.

Still Mind [General]

By: Exemplary

Your mental training allows you great clarity of mind.

Prerequisites: Iron Will

Benefit: You gain a +2 resistance bonus to spells and spell-like effects from the Enchantment school.

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