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Easy Arrow Volleys

It's not uncommon for adventurers to be attacked by identical groups of archers, with each arrow doing the same amount of damage. Sometimes these groups are large, and rolling dice for each "to hit" can become really tedious and slow down gameplay. There's a much quicker way to approximate the damage from a volley of arrows. Figure out the number of arrows targeting a character and the number needed "to hit" that character. Roll once to hit, modifying the "to hit" and damage rolls as per this table.

Minimum"To hit" and
requireddamage roll
to hitadjustments
1-2+7 per 2 arrows
3-5+3 per arrow
6-7+5 per 2 arrows
8-10+2 per arrow
11-13+3 per 2 arrows
16+1 per arrow
17+2 per 3 arrows
18+1 per 2 arrows
19+1 per 3 arrows
20+1 per 6 arrows

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