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GenCon Tips

It seems like I post these every year so I've decided to make a dedicated page for it. Here's a few helpful tips for first time GenCon goers. I wish I had know some of these before I went my first year:

  1. Preregister: My first year I didn't decide to go to GenCon till just 2 days beforehand. I payed for it by waiting in line for 3 hours for my badge. I understand they've fixed the problems with the computers that they had a few years ago.
  2. Dealer Room: Definately check out the dealer room. In fact, you should plan several hours to browse the dealer room & try out some of the new games.
  3. Free-Time: Plan for some free time. Although GenCon is a 24 hour gamiing event, you should plan for some sleep, time to eat, & some time to meet people. Also Indianapolis is a wonderful town with lots to see and do. Especially check out the mall & Hollywood Bar & Filmworks.
  4. Budget: Plan on spending anywhere between $40-$150 for a Hotel room. Cheapest rooms can be found 10+ minutes outside of town. $30 per day would be a good bet for food budget. Don't forget event costs, parking costs, & costs for adult beverages (if you like to drink).
  5. Walk: If you're not used to walking several hours a day then you should probably start now. Don't forget to bring comfortable shoes.
  6. Wednesday: Show up on Wednesday if you can. This will give you the best opportunity to get some sleep before the Con starts in eranest. There's going to be open gaming in one of the hotels Wednesday evening. I'm going Wednesday this year!
  7. Diet: Cons goers are notorious for not sleeping properly. Eat well & you may be able to stay up longer. Also drink lots of water!
  8. Hygiene: Get a shower, we're not crying cause we're homesick!
  9. Auction: Go to the auction, you can find some hard to find stuff there.
  10. Gift Shop: Visit the gift shop early. Many of the popular items run out quickly.
  11. Pack Light: Those books get mighty heavy after several hours.
  12. Security: Don't leave your bags unattended ever. Those things are known to grow legs.
  13. Have a Good Time: GenCon only comes once a year!

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