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Couch's Rejection

So I was checking out the blog of one of my aquaintances checking out his photoshop skills & read this. I don't know wether to laugh or want to beat someone up!?! Either way, I'm so glad I'm not in the dating scene anymore:

"I asked this woman out yesterday and she gave me the strangest rejection ever. I asked her, Are you involved with anyone? If you're not, I'd love to take you out sometime.' Her response was, 'You are so sweet, I am, sorry.' Then she gave me a hug. After that, she said, 'I should give you my e-mail address, we have a lot in common, we need to hang out.' I'm more confused by what transpired than anything else. Is this the new defense mechanism that women have installed so they are not hurting the guy's feeling or is it the new tactic to make men confused? Either way, it works."

Couch's Blog

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