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 Like a modern day Diogenes.

Eight Again

A husband had heard his wife drop a hint about being 8 again.

So on her birthday, he told her: dress up in your jeans, tee-shirt & trainers we're going out. Off they went to Alton Towers where they went on some rides, had ice cream, fizzy drinks & candy floss. After that it was more rides & stuff and yet more fizzy drinks & candy floss.

Later it was to a MacDonald's, where they had Big Macs, fries & milkshakes. After that he took her to the moves, & yet more fizzy drinks, popcorn & they watched Harry Potter.

Later that night in bed, he turned to her and asked: Well, what was it like to be 8 again? She opened a bleary eye and said: I was referring to my dress size you fool!

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