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Ability Requirements:Strength 12
Constitution 9
Intelligence 17
Prime Requisite:Strength
Races Allowed:Human
Alignment:Chaotic Evil

If anti-paladin changes alignment he is struck with a 10 HD lightning bolt and loses 3 levels (lightning bolt is non-magical).

Level advancements: same as Paladin exp table but same fighting ability as the Warrior Group.

An Anti-Paladin has the following special benefits.

Detect good up to 60 feet away (A Paladin is detected at 100 yards and always pinpointed as soon as detected) and can pinpoint location in one round. An Anti-Paladin MUST fight any paladin that he detects.

Have a +2 to all saving throws.

Immune to all curses caused by creatures of 7 HD or fewer at 5th level and 1 HD per 4 levels after 5th .

Cause 2 hp of damage per level after a successful attack roll with bare hands. Once a day.

Cause disease (not curses) of all sorts once a week per 5 experience levels.

Always surrounded by a Protection from Good 30 ft. as the spell.

Using Dark Blade projects circle of power 30 ft when unsheathed. Power disspells magic equal to the Anti-Paladin's level.

Control undead, devils and demons as if an evil cleric of 3 levels lower.

Call upon an undead war-horse at 4th level. War horse has stats equal to the live heavy war-horse but can be turned. It projects fear radius 10 ft.

Summon a Nightmare, Upon reaching 10th level Anti-Paladin may try to summon a Nightmare (see Monstrous Manual) at a 50% chance. If failed, he may try every 5 levels. If nightmare is killed, there is a 0% chance of summoning new one.

Cast priest spells at 9th level from the spheres of Charm, Combat, Necromancy, and Divination.

Must possess more than 5 magical items by 5th level (Arrows and bolts excluded).

Must retain wealth and always carry at least 1000gp on him by 3rd level.

Basic Personality

The Anti-Paladin is a greedy, unforgiving soul. His mission is to hunt and demolish all good and lawful acts to replace with evil and chaos. His other mission is to be the supreme ruler of all (even Gods). They will be demanding and unmerciful to all he cannot take advantage of. Anti-Paladins will dress in dark colors(Gray, black, dark red, and dark purple). An Anti-paladin has no choice but to kill all paladins and good characters that stand in his way of domination. If an Anti-paladin commits a good act, then he must sacrifice a female virgin and must make alter of bone and is worth 1000gp (gems, gold decorations, etc....).

Battling Paladins

When Paladin is detected, they will automatically converge on an open area and greet one another by drawing weapons. When this happens, a force will surround them so that no one can interfere. This force is unbreakable until battle is finished. The battle will end when one of them is destroyed (cannot be brought back to life by anything less than a Wish Spell).

Dark Blade

In the hands of any character other, than an Anti-Paladin, it is a +2 sword. In the hands of an anti-paladin, However, it creates a magic resistance of 50% in a 5 ft radius, despells magic of the level of magic use equal to the exp level of the anti-paladin, and inflicts +10 points of damage upon lawful good opponents.

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