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Martial Artist

By: Modar

The following is a beginning compilation of an idea for re-furbishing the Martial Artist class for my world.

Martial Artists are monastic aesthetics who practice rigorous mental and physical training and discipline in order to become a human fighting machine.


Must be Human, Elf or 1/2 Elf

Can't wear armour; -3 to hit & -2 to damage with all but M-A weapons (-1/-1 if similiar).

Move silently 15% at 1st level; +5% per level.


Martial Abilities: Many of the abilities that a M-A has are martial abilities. To use a martial ability, or to make an Open Hand attack, the M-A must utilize Chi points. Chi points are internal energies the M-A can focus into martial activities (similiar to a spellcaster focusing energies into spells). Each martial ability has a level. The higher the level, the more Chi points that are used up when that action is attempted. The cost is 10 Chi points times the level of the ability. The Open Hand attack is a martial ability that has no level. The cost to do this activity is 1 Chi point per attack (per opponent). [If the M-A strikes with an Open Hand attack at one opponent, the cost is 1 Chi point. If the attack is done against multiple opponents, the cost is 1 Chi point per opponent being attacked, because that is a more complex action.] The M-A begins with 100 Chi points as 1st level and gains (1d4+2) x 10 Chi points for each level attained thereafter. Chi points are regained by resting at the rate of 5 points per hour of rest.

Open Hand attacks are the strikes, and damage, that a M-A does with bare hands and feet using a Martial Art. The M-A can Open Hand attack more than one opponent at once, if desired, but all targets must be within reach. One roll to hit & one roll to damage is made and damage is evenly distributed amongst those hit. [For example, if 3 people are hit by the M-A for a total of 6 points of damage, then each person takes 2 points of damage.] The amount of Open Hand damage the M-A can inflict is based on level:

     L         L          L        L       L        L       L
 1  1d6  5-6  2d8  11-12 4d6   15 4d8  18 7d6  21  9d6  24 2d30+10
 2  2d4  7-8  3d6    13  3d10  16 6d6  19 6d8  22 10d6  25 15d6
3-4 2d6  9-10 3d8    14  5d6   17 5d8  20 8d6  23 11d6

Martial abilities which are gained as the M-A gains levels (similiar to a mage aquiring spells). Some of these abilities have pre-requisites and/or are pre-requisites themselves. The M-A must have the pre-requisite ability for at least 1 experience level before obtaining the higher level ability requiring the prerequisite. (i.e. A M-A must have Discipline I before obtaining the Discipline II ability, but cannot obtain both Discipline I and II at the same time.) A M-A may not change an ability once selected. He may take a lower ability than one he is entitled to, in order to build a set of abilities he likes (but never a higher ability than he is entitled to). Many abilities require the M-A to concentrate, meditate, or enter a trance to prepare for their use.

The rate at which the M-A gains these martial abilities are shown in the following chart:

                          Ability Level
Level         1     2     3     4     5     6     7
  1        | +1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
  2        | +1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
  3        | +1  | +1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
  4        | +1  | +1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
  5        | +1  | +1  | +1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
  6        | +1  | +1  | +1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
  7        | +1  |  -  | +1  | +1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
  8        |  -  | +1  | +1  | +1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
  9        | +1  |  -  |  -  | +1  | +1  |  -  |  -  |
 10        |  -  | +1  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  |  -  |
 11        | +1  |  -  |  -  |  -  | +1  | +1  |  -  |
 12        |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  |
 13        | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  |  -  |
 14        |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  |
 15        | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  |  -  | +1  |  -  |
 16        | +1  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  |  -  |  -  |
 17        | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  |  -  |
 18        |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  |
 19        | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  |  -  |
 20        |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  |  -  |
 21        |  -  |  -  | +1  | +1  | +1  |  -  |  -  |
 22        |  -  |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  | +1  |  -  |
 23        |  -  |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  | +1  |  -  |
 24        |  -  |  -  | +1  |  -  | +1  | +1  |  -  |
 25        |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  |  -  | +1  |

The list of abilities that the M-A can gain are as follows:

Level 1
Ability Name Prerequisites
Break BoardsNone
Cat's EarsNone
Cat's NoseNone
Cat's WalkNone
Deflection INone
Detect IllusionNone
Discipline INone
Eat Pine ConesNone
Flying KickNone
Walk On FireNone
Withstand ExposureNone
Withstand PainNone
Zen BowmanshipNone
Level 2
Break TimbersBreak Boards
Cat's EyesNone
Cure Own WoundsWithstand Pain
Deflection IIDeflection I
Discipline IIDiscipline I
PyrogenesisWalk On Fire
Rope TrickNone
Self-ControlDetect Illusion
Zen Bowmanship IIZen Bowmanship
Level 3
Arm BreakingNone
Break BricksBreak Boards, Break Timbers
Cat's PawsNone
Cat's SleepNone
Consult I ChingNone
Cure Own DiseaseWithstand Pain, Cure Own Wounds
Deflection IIIDeflection I, Deflection II
Discipline IIIDiscipline I, Discipline II
Floating JumpFlying Kick
Neutralize Poison (Self)Eat Pine Cones
Level 4
Break StonesBreak Boards, Break Timbers, Break Bricks
Cure Own Serious WoundsWithstand Pain, Cure Own Wounds
Deflection IVDeflection I, Deflection II, Deflection III
Discipline IVDiscipline I, Discipline II, Discipline III
LevitateFlying Kick, Floating Jump
NinjutsuCat's Eyes, Cat's Paws, Cat's Sleep
Spine KickFlying Kick
Level 5
Astral ProjectionNone
Break Normal WallsBreak Boards, Break Timbers, Break Bricks, Break Stones
Commune/ObjectsCommune/Animals, Commune/Plants
Deflection VDeflection I, Deflection II, Deflection III, Deflection IV
Discipline VDiscipline I, Discipline II, Discipline III, Discipline IV
FlyFlying Kick, Floating Jump, Levitate
Head KickFlying Kick, Spine Kick
Mind BlankDetect Illusion, Self-Control
Regenerate FleshWithstand Pain, Cure Own Wounds, Cure Own Serious Wounds
Level 6
Attract DiscipleNone
Break Thick WallsBreak Boards, Break Timbers, Break Bricks, Break Stones, Break Normal Walls
Commune/UniverseCommune/Animals, Commune/Plants, Commune/Objects
Control Body ChemistryEat Pine Cones, Neutralize Poison (Self), Withstand Exposure
Deflection VIDeflection I, Deflection II, Deflection III, Deflection IV, Deflection V
Discipline VIDiscipline I, Discipline II, Discipline III, Discipline IV, Discipline V
Freeze TimeNone
Killing KickFlying Kick, Spine Kick, Head Kick
Regenerate NerveWithstand Pain, Cure Own Wounds, Cure Own Serious Wounds, Regenerate Flesh
Level 7
Be In Two Places...None

An explanation of each of these abilities follows:

Level 1

BREAK BOARDS: Pre-requisite for all higher Breaking abilities. The M-A must concentrate for 1 minute, after which he can break boards up to 1 inch thick with bare hand/foot. Usable against light doors & other thin wood structures. Usable with no prep-aration against wood-hafted weapons. (+1 to hit vs armour class)

CAT'S EARS: Pre-requisite for Ninjutsu. Adds 10% to Hear Noise, when activated.

CAT'S NOSE: Pre-requisite for Ninjutsu. Allows detection/analyse of scents, when activated. The chance of correct assessment is 15% + 5% per level after first level.

CAT'S WALK: Pre-requisite for Ninjutsu. Allows a +15% to walk silent, when activated.

DEFLECTION I: Pre-requisite for all higher Deflection abilities. Increases M-A's a/c vs missles by 1 and allows 15% chance to deflect 1 missle up to 60 degrees from path (It may hit elsewhere).

DETECT ILLUSION: Pre-requisite for Self-Control and Mind Blank. Allows M-A to detect illusions automatically, and adds 15% chance to saving throws vs other forms of illusion such as Charm Person, when activated. Last for 10 rounds.

DISCIPLINE I: Pre-requisite for all higher Discipline abilities. Allows the M-A a parry vs melee weapons, increases a/c by 1.

EAT PINE CONES: Pre-requisite for Neutralize Poison (Self) and Control Body Chemistry. Allows M-A to eat/digest any organic material, but does not protect against poison. Must meditate for 1 hour afterwards.

FLYING KICK: Pre-requisite for Floating Jump, Fly, Spine Kick, Head Kick,and Killing Kick. A long jump followed by kick to body of opponent. Up to 10' from standing start; 20' if get 20' run first. Roll to hit. 1 on 1d20 misses completely (roll on crit to self impact chart). 2-3 misses completely and lands on arse. 4-10 misses but lands on feet. 11-20 hits opponent. Then roll for damage (Open-Hand). Any creature man-size or less is knocked down.

PROTECTION FROM SLEEP: Allows the M-A to do without sleep for 24 hours + 24 hrs/level at no loss to efficiency. Also allows 100% immunity from Sleep spell. When ability runs out, the M-A cannot use the ability for a time equal to the time he went without sleep and he must get 1 hour of sleep per 4 hours he stayed awake. Cost is 10 Chi points per 24 hours period.

WALK ON FIRE: Pre-requisite for Pyrogenesis. Allows M-A to touch fire, hold hot objects, and even penetrate Walls of Fire without harm. The M-A must enter a trance for 1 minute (While in trance [only] he is also immune to fireballs) At other times fire based attacks are -1 on hit and damage (per die) against him. Lasts for 10 rounds.

WITHSTAND EXPOSURE: Pre-requisite for Control Body Chemistry. Allows M-A to ignore cold down to 30 degrees F, +5 degree/level, when activated. Lasts for 2 hours.

WITHSTAND PAIN: Pre-requisite for Cure Own Wounds,Cure Owe Disease Cure Own Serious Wounds,Regenerate Flesh and Regenerate Nerve. The M-A must meditate for 10 minutes after which he can ignore pain for 1 hour/level. Cost is 10 Chi points per use (not hour).

ZEN BOWMANSHIP: Allows M-A to use a bow with no penalty on weapon use, when activated. Pre-requisite for Zen Bowmanship II. Lasts for 2 hours.

Level 2

BREAK TIMBERS: Requires Break Boards; Pre-requisite for higher Breaking abilities. Can break pieces of timber up to 3" thick after concentrating 1 minute/inch. Also usable against plaster walls and normal doors. (+2 to hit vs armour class).

CAT'S EYES: Pre-requisite for Ninjutsu. Allows character to see normally up to 120' even in utter darkness, when in effect. Lasts for 10 rounds.

CURE OWN WOUNDS: Requires Withstand Pain; Pre-requisite for Cure Own Disease, Cure Own Serious Wounds, Regenerate Flesh, and Regenerate Nerve. M-A goes into trance and heals self; time required is 10 minutes per hit point restored. Cost is 20 points per time ability is used (not number of minutes or hit points).

DEFLECTION II: Requires Deflection I; Pre-requisite for higher Deflections. Betters a/c vs missles by 2; allows 30% chance of deflecting 1 missle up to 70 degrees.

DISCIPLINE II: Requires Discipline I; Pre-requisite for higher Disciplines. Betters a/c in melee by 2.

E.S.P.: Requires the M-A to enter trance, during which he can pick up surface thoughts and emotions from a single subject. Lasts for up to 10 rounds.

PYROGENESIS: Requires Walk on Fire. M-A can start small fires by concentrating. Range 100' on paper,straw & other easily lit stuff. Cost is 20 points per time used.

ROPE TRICK: M-A goes into trance and compels a rope to rise in air and become taunt. Can do 10' rope/level. Can climb rope himself and/or others. Lasts until commanded by M-A to undo (30 min max).

SELF-CONTROL: Requires Detect Illusion; Pre-requisite for Mind Blank. Allows a +10% addition to save vs Charm and Hold based spells, while in effect. Lasts for 10 rounds.

THROWING: Allows M-A to throw one opponent (man-sized or smaller) on a roll of 12+ on 1d20. Opponent gets a save. If successful, he take 1d3 of damage and is laying on the ground. If unsuccessful he takes 1d6 of damage and is laying on the ground stunned for 2 rounds. [If character fails to make throw, he is holding onto the opponent, upclose and personnal.]

ZEN BOWMANSHIP II: Requires Zen Bowmanship I. Allow the character to be +1 to hit with bow, when in effect. Lasts for 10 rounds.

Level 3

ARM BREAKING: M-A can break a man-sized (or less) opponent's arm or leg on a roll of 11+ on 1d20. Damage to the opponent's hit points is equal to the character's open-hand damage. Modifiers apply for armour class. [If character fails to break opponent's limb, he is holding the opponent, upclose and personnal.]

BREAK BRICKS: Require lower Breakings; Pre-requisite for higher breaking abilities. Can shatter bricks after concentrating 1 1/2 minutes per inch of thickness. Can break through dungeon doors and wood-frame exterior walls.

CAT'S PAWS: Pre-requisite for Ninjutsu. Allows the character an additional 10% added to climbing ability, when in effect. If the total is still below 75%, will boost it to 75%. Lasts for 15 rounds.

CAT'S SLEEP: Pre-requisite for Ninjutsu. Allows character to sleep lightly (no matter how tired they are) and makes them difficult to surprise. This sleep is only 1/2 restful as normal. Lasts up to 12 hours.

CLAIRAUDIENCE: Pre-requisite for Clairvoyance. Allows the character to enter a trance & duplicates the mage's clairaudience spell (but this not blocked by lead). Lasts 10 rounds.

COMMUNE WITH ANIMALS: Pre-requisite for higher Commune abilities. The character enters a trance and becomes able to communicates with any warm blooded creature. This ability does not, however, automatically make the animal friendly or be able to talk smart. Lasts for 10 rounds.

CONSULT I CHING: Pre-requisite for Commune with Universe. Character may use this ability to use the mystic yarrow sticks to ask questions of the essence of the world. Up to three questions can be asked. The answers are usually in an oriental philosphy mode. This may be used only once per day. Yarrow sticks cost 30gp per set.

CURE OWN DISEASE: Requires Withstand Pain and Cure Own Wounds. M-A may cure any disease he gets. Trance 1 hr/level of disease.

DEFLECTION III: Requires lower Deflections; Pre-requisite for all higher Deflections. Improves a/c vs missles by 3 Allows a 45% chance to deflect one missle up to 80 degrees.

DISCIPLINE III: Requires lower Disciplines; Pre-requisite for all higher Disciplines. Improves melee a/c by 3.

FLOATING JUMP: Requires Flying Kick; Pre-requisite for Levitate & Fly. Can jump up to 30' horizontally from a standing position OR up to 50' horizontally with a 20'+ running start. (The 50' begins at the end of the running start.) This action may end with a Flying Kick if desired.

NEUTRALIZE POISON (SELF): Requires Eat Pine Cones. Pre-requisite for Control Body Chemistry. Can neutralize organic poisons by spending 10 minutes/level of poison in trance. If poison starts to take effect before M-A enters trance, time needed is doubled.

TELEKENISIS: M-A enters trance and is able to move objects at walking speed. Limit is 1 kg/level. Lasts for 10 rounds.

Level 4

BREAK STONES: Requires all lower Breaking abilities; Pre-requisite for higher breaking abilities. Can break stones up to 6" thick after concentrating for 2 minutes per inch of thickness. Ordinary brick walls and heavy wood beams may also be broken.

CLAIRVOYANCE: Requires Clairaudience. M-A enters trance and can duplicate the mage's clairvoyance spell but this is not blocked by lead.

COMMUNE WITH PLANTS: Requires Commune/Animals; Pre-requisite for higher Commune abilities. M-A enters trance & can talk with plants and cold-blooded animals.

CURE OWN SERIOUS WOUNDS: Requires Withstand Pain and Cure Own Wounds; Prerequisite for Regenerate Flesh and Nerve. M-A goes into trance and heals self-3 pts per 10 minutes in trance.

DEFLECTION IV: Requires lower Deflections; Pre-requisite for higher Deflections. A/C vs missles better by 4.

DISCIPLINE IV: Requires lower Disciplines; Pre-requisite for higher Disciplines. A/C in melee is better by 4. 60% chance of deflecting one missle up to 85 degrees.

LEVITATE: Requires Flying Kick and Floating Jump; Pre-requisite for Fly. Allows character to levitate self (only). Requires 1 minute of meditation and must meditate while levitated. Must begin in the lotus position.

NINJUTSU: Requires ALL Cat's Senses. Allows M-A to hide almost anywhere, even in plain sight. He knows how to hide in shadows, and even how to stand so still in plain sight that he is unnoticed. Includes knowledge of entering and leaving a place unseen, of holding oneself motionless without moving, etc.

SPINE KICK: Requires Flying Kick; Pre-requisite for Head Kick & Killing Kick. 1 on 1d20 misses completely (roll on crit to self impact chart). 2-3 misses completely and lands on arse. 4-10 misses but lands on feet. 11-20 hits opponent. Roll Open Hand damage and if 11+ pts of damage, there is 25% chance of victim becoming paralysed (temporarily or permanent).

Level 5

ASTRAL PROJECTION: Allows M-A to enter trance and travel on the astral planes. Lasts 1 hour/level.

BREAK NORMAL WALLS: Requires lower Break abilities; Pre-requisite for Break Thick Walls. Can break hole through a brick or stone wall up to 12" thick; must concentrate 1 1/2 minutes per inch of thickness before doing.

COMMUNE WITH INANIMATE OBJECTS: Requires Commune/Animals & Plants. Enter trance and may "ask" questions of inanimate objects. Answers will not/cannot exceed 3 words. Max of 7 questions.

DEFLECTION V: Requires lower Deflections; Pre-requisite for next Deflection. Improves A/C vs missles by 5 and allows 75% chance to deflect 1 missle up to 90 degrees.

DISCIPLINE V: Requires lower Disciplines; Pre-requisite for next Discipline. Improves A/C in melee by 5.

FLY: Requires Flying Kick, Floating Jump, and Levitate. M-A seats himself in lotus position, meditates, and remains concentrating while he flies. (Not as versitile as the magical spell.)

HEAD KICK: Requires Flying Kick, Spine Kick ; Pre-requisite for Killing Kick.

1 on 1d20 misses completely (roll on crit to self impact chart).
2-3       misses completely and lands on arse.
4-10      misses but lands on feet. 
11-19     hits opponent. 
20        hits opponent and does 3x damage plus there is a 25% chance of 1 
          of following (1d8 roll):
          1-Break opponent's jaw 
          2-Blinds one eye 
          3-Dislocates spine 
          4-Breaks nose 
          5-8 unconsious.

MIND BLANK: Requires Detect Ilusion & Self Control. Allows M-A to enter a trance and avoid detection by any magical means and/or from other planes. After 2 hours, however, his mind begins to go blank at the rate of 1 INT point/hour over the original 2 hours. If IQ reaches 0 he is a permanent vegtable; otherwise it is recovered at the rate of 1 point per week.

REGENERATE FLESH (AND BONE): Requires Withstand Pain, Cure Own Wounds, and Cure Own Serious Wounds. Pre-requisite for Regenerate Nerve. Does as it says, will restore even a limb (though this may take months), but cannot regenerate the nerves.

TELEPORTATION: Similiar to magic spell of same name, but must enter a trance 1 minute before teleporting. Self only and the character is exhausted afterward.

Level 6

ATTRACT DISCIPLE: Allows M-A to attract either a level 1 M-A for teaching

(01-75) or other follower

(76-00). Disciples will be loyal unless treated grossly unfair. They get full experience, but will voluntarily turn over all valuables they find to their mentor. M-A must spend at least 1 week in 10 instructing his disciple. Only 1 disciple at a time is allowed.

BREAK THICK WALLS: Requires all lower breaking abilities. Can knock a hole in a wall up to 3' thick, but requires 15 minutes of preparation first.

COMMUNE WITH UNIVERSE: Require lower Commune abilities and Consult I Ching. M-A goes into trance lasting 1 day and may ask 3 questions of the referee.

CONTROL BODY CHEMISTRY: Requires Eat Pine Cones, Withstand Exposure & Neutralize Poison (Self). M-A can control his metabolism. He can neutralize all poisons, counter the effects of drugs and speed/slow his body processes.

DEFLECTION VI: Requires all lower Deflections. Improves A/C vs missiles by 6 and allows a 90% chance to deflect 1 missle up to 95 degrees.

DISCIPLINE VI: Requires all lower Disciplines. Improves melee A/C by 6.

FREEZE TIME: Can speed up thought process to think out a complicated line of thought, plan a maneuvar, etc. (This speeds up only thought, not the character's body.)

KILLING KICK: Requires Flying, Spine & Head Kick.

1 on 1d20 misses completely (roll on crit to self impact chart).

2-3 misses completely and lands on arse.

4-8 misses but lands on feet.

9-16 does 6d6 damage.

17+ kills. This kick is tremendously exertive and M-A can do nothing for 2 minutes afterward.

REGENERATE NERVE: Requires Withstand Pain, Cure Own Wounds, Cure Own Serious Wounds, and Regenerate Flesh (and Bone). Does as its name implies, regenerates nerves.

Level 7

BE IN TWO PLACES SIMULTANEOUSLY: Allows the M-A to become 2 M-A, each having the original's full capabilities. They can be up to 10'/level of the M-A apart. (They do not have to be in sight of each other.) Each knows all that happens to the other. Only 1 total of hit points is kept, and if either "copy" is killed, the M-A is dead. For each 30 seconds he was doubled, the M-A must spend 2 minutes afterward recovering. Last up to 1 hour.


The Martial Artist knows 5 weapon skills at 1st level. If the school a martial artist went to has a specialty, those must be chosen first.

Hand Weapons                  S-M     L       Wt        Cost (gp)

Bo                            1-6     1-6     3.0       25
Gunsen (Tessen)               1-5     1-4     0.5       20
Jitte                         1-4     1-6     3.0       40
Jo                            1-4     1-4     2.0       15
Kama                          1-6     1-6     2.0       65
Kiseru                        2-7     2-4     3.5       30
Konsaibo (18+ STR required)   3-8     3-12   20.0       80
Manrikigusari                 1-10    1-10    0.6/ft    15/ft
Masakari (2-handed weapon)    1-10    1-10    7.5       85
Nun-chaku                     1-6     1-8     2.0       40
Ono                           1-8     1-8     5.0       70
Sai                           1-4     1-6     3.0       45
Tekagi, 1 pr (Nekode)(Shuko)  1-4     1-6     0.2       50
Tetsu-bishi, 10 (Caltrops)    1-2     1-2     ---       1
Tonfa                         1-6     1-6     2.5       20
Vajra (Yawara)                1-2     1-2     1.0       15
Yari-naga                     1-6     1-6     2.0       40

Missile Weapons               S-M     L       Wt        Cost (gp)

Shuriken                      1-4     1-4     0.2       10

Polearm Weapons               S-M     L       Wt        Cost  (gp)

Bishamon-yari                 1-10    1-10    7.5       65
Fumata-yari                   1-6     1-10    6.0       55
Magari-yari                   1-10    1-8     7.0       60
Mojiri                        1-6     1-6     6.0       45
Nagamaki                      1-6     1-8     5.0       55
Naginata (Bisento)            1-8     1-12    7.0       55
Sasumata (Military Fork)      1-6     2-8     5.0       50
Sodegarami                    1-8     1-8     5.0       60
Yari                          1-6     1-10    4.0       50


School Name         Specialties                        Dice Roll

Ryu Aki             Fight in self defense only. 01
Ryu Daito           Gunsen                              02-09
Ryu Itto            Sword  (see following)              10
Ryu Juki            Kama & Vajra                        11-18
Ryu Kage            Tekage & Testsu-bishi               19-26
Ryu Kito            Tonfa                               27-34
Ryu Kobo            Swimming                            35-42
Ryu Kukishin        Bo                                  43-50
Ryu Masaki          Nun-chaku & Manrikigusari           51-58
Ryu Nihon           Archery                             59
Ryu Shin-no         Shuriken                            60-67
Ryu Sinanju         Open Hand (see following)           68
Ryu So-hei          Warrior Clerics (see following)     69
Ryu Tendo           Polearms                            70-76
Ryu Tenjin          Ono & Masakari                      77-84
Ryu Tokugawa        Sai & Jitte                         85-92
Ryu Yoshin          Kiseru & Konsaibo                   93-00


Ryu Itto:

This school specializes in teaching sword skills. Only if a martial artist comes from this school may he know the use of a sword. There are five types of swords the school teaches with. While possible to learn them all, usually a martial artist is familiar with only one. The swords are:

Weapon                        S-M     L       Wt        Cost

Katana                        1-8     1-12    3.0       160
Sang Kauw (Parrying Sword)    1-6     1-6     3.0       95
Sword, Seagull                1-8     1-10    8.0       95
Sword, Short                  1-6     1-8     3.5       60
Sword, Broad  1-edged         1-8     1-12    7.0       80

Ryu Sinanju:

This school specializes in Open Hand Damage. This specialty is to such a degree that martial artists from this school may not use weapons (unless granted by one of their abilities, such as with Zen Bowmanship). Martial Artists from this school excel at open hand damage, and therefore do more open hand damage than other martial artists. The Ryu Sinanju damage chart for open hand is:

Level   Damage          Level   Damage          Level   Damage

1       2d6             2       2d8             3       3d6
4       3d8             5       4d6             6       3d10
7       5d6             8       4d8             9       6d6
10      5d8             11      7d6             12      6d8
13+     8d6

Ryu So-hei:

This school specializes in Warrior Clerics. A martial artist from this school has the ability to gain and cast clerical spells, as well as have the "normal" abilities of a martial artist. The martial artist starts out with 1d10 x 10 spell points and 1 spell. For each level the martial artist attains, he recieves 1d6 x 10 more spell points and 1 additional spell.

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