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Rune Wizard

By: Ian R Malcomson

Here's something I have for my Dark Sun campaign but it goes along with the whole rune thing and can be adapted for any campaign. It goes along with the rune casting article.

Rune Wizard

Character Class: Preserver, Defiler, Cerulean Wizard, Necromancer, Shadow Wizard (NOTE: the latter three are considered classes in my campaign.)

Races: Per base class/sub-class

Requirements: Intelligence 14, Dexterity 16

Role: Rune wizards are wizards that have learned the power of the symbol and rune. They rely on the magical symbols to channel their spells more so than material or verbal components

Class Modification: Rune Wizards utilize spells that have to do with runes or symbols.

Weapon Proficiencies: The wizards who take this kit have the usual wizard's weapon proficiencies. If they combine the kit with another class, they may elect to use the weapon of that class.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Rune Wizards receive the following Bonus

Proficiencies: Somatic Concealment. Required Proficiencies: Read/Write .

Recommended Proficiencies: Teaching, Mediation

Special Benefits: Because of their specialization and knowledge of magical runes, Rune wizards can channel their magic almost solely through magical symbols and do not ever need to use Verbal Spell Components. Also, any spells that have to do with symbols or wards, such as the Wizards Mark spells are cast at 2 levels higher for purposes of range, duration, and other variables. Because of their knowledge of runes and the magical runes needed to write spells, Rune Wizards receive 4%/level to read magical languages or decipher the purpose of runes/symbols.

Special Hindrances: Because of their specialization in magical symbols, Rune Wizards must use Somatic Spell Components for all spells, even if the spell doesn´t normally require them. Rune Wizareds have an intimate knowledge of the writings of magic, because of this their spells are very well written, which gives the learning wizards +2%/level of the creating Rune Wizard to learn a spell that was written by an Rune Wizard. This makes them wanted among their peers to copy spells for them to learn or to steal their spellbooks.

All spellbooks possessed by Rune Wizards must be in written, text form. If they find a spellbook that is not in this form they must copy it into a text form. This can be deadly, especially in city-states.

Wealth Options: Rune Wizards receive the regular Wizard's starting money, 1d4+1x30CP

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