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By: Jeff Sparks

Druids are a sub-class of clerics, with several distinctions. Instead of worshiping particular deities, the druid follows the way of nature, living in tune with the great cycles of the seasons and the elements. By living in harmony with nature, the druid is able to tap into the powers of life and the natural world. For this reason, druids are always Neutral. A druid may hunt or fish or light a campfire or even kill a beast in order to survive; this is all part of the balance of things. The druid would never hunt for sport or exploit natural resources for personal gain, however.

The class features of the Druid are:

Stone weapons cost, weigh, and do the same damage as metal ones, but are brittle. On an attack roll of a natural one, the stone weapon cracks and is useless. This rule does not apply to magical stone weapons.

1Initiate of the Groves01d61----
27th Circle initiate1,8002d62----
36th Circle initiate3,2003d621---
45th Circle initiate6,0004d622---
54th Circle initiate12,0005d6221--
63rd Circle initiate25,0006d6322--
72nd Circle initiate50,0007d63321-
81st Circle initiate100,0008d63332-
10Druid (10th)300,0009d6+1*44322
11Druid (11th)400,0009d6+2*44432
12Druid (12th)500,0009d6+3*55432
13Druid (13th)600,0009d6+4*55533
14Druid (14th)700,0009d6+5*55543

*CON adjustments no longer apply.

Special Abilities

Identify: Druids are very knowledgeable about the natural world. At first level, a druid can accurately identify plants and animals common to his locale as well as find enough edible plants (nuts and berries, etc.) and drinkable water to feed himself for the day with one hour's foraging (assuming the food and water are available at all).

Move Silently: At third level, the druid can move silently through wilderness as the same level Thief.

Identify: At fifth level, a druid can accurately identify plants and animals from any climate/region.

Animal Companion: At fifth level, he also gains an animal companion. This is a non-magical creature of animal intelligence. Roll randomly below to determine creature type:

Roll onCreature

The creature is a typical example of its breed but with maximum hit points. The animal will fight for the druid, but makes morale checks (at +1) if injured. The druid can also teach the animal 3 simple tricks/commands. Examples include: "Fight", "Stay", "Track", "Guard", etc.The DM has final say on whether a given trick is permitted. Each trick takes 1 week for the animal to learn with the druid instructing it every day for at least one hour.


1st Level Spells

2nd Level Spells

3rd Level Spells

4th Level Spells

5th Level Spells

* New Spells (see below)

Level: 1
Range: 60', 15' radius area of effect.
Duration: 3 rounds +1/level (max. 10 rounds.)

The caster causes plants to grow up and entwine themselves around affected targets. For the spell to work there must be some vegetation in the area (even some grass or a potted plant will do). Everyone in area of effect must Save v. Spell or be entangled. Entangled targets cannot attack or cast spells. Targets who make their Saves can act normally, but move at half their normal pace. If they are still within the area of effect at the beginnng of their next turn, they must make another Save to avoid entanglement again. Entangled targets can try to break free by rolling to open doors on their STR. (Use the same roll for an unentangled target trying to free another person.) This action takes the entire round, which means the just-freed target must Save again at the start of the next round or become entangled again!

Produce Flame
Level: 1
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn

The caster creates a small (torch sized) flame in his hand. It does not burn the caster's hand, but will ignite flammable materials normally. He can hold the flame for the duration of the spell or dismiss it at any time. He may also close his hand to hide the flame and re-open it to reveal the light throughout the spell's duration. If the caster strikes a foe with his open hand, he does +2 damage from the fire (creatures with fire resistance are not affected by the extra damage).

Level: 2
Range: 0 (self)
Duration: 1 turn

The caster's skin becomes thick and hard like the bark of a tree, giving him an AC bonus of -2. This stacks with normal armor and dexterity bonuses to AC. Thus, a druid wearing leather armor (AC7) who casts Barkskin has an effective AC of 5 for the duration of the spell.

Charm Animal
Level: 2
Range: 30'
Duration: special

This spell acts exactly the same as Charm Person but only affects non-magical animals of 6HD or less. Magical creatures (i.e. Pegasus, etc.) are not affected.

Water Breathing
Level: 2
Range: 0 (self)
Duration: 1 turn

The caster gains the ability to breath underwater. He can still breathe air normally as well. The caster gains no special abilities regarding swimming speed or ability to withstand water pressure or temperatures, though.

Level: 3
Range: Touch (1 creature)
Duration: 1 hour

The target gains Infravision (like a demi-human) at a range of 60'. This spell has no effect upon creatures that normally have infravision.

Summon Elemental
Level: 4
Range: 60'
Duration: 2 rounds + 1 round/level

The druid summons a minor (staff) elemental to aid him. There must be a relatively large amount of the element present to conjure the elemental (i.e. a barrel or more of water, a campfire, etc.). Unlike the Magic-User version of the spell, the elemental will aid the druid willingly. The druid must concentrate to maintain the spell (taking no other actions other than half movement). If the druid takes damage or otherwise breaks concentration, the elemental disappears.

Wild Shape
Level: 5
Range: 0 (self)
Duration: 1 hour

The druid can change shape into any non-magical animal (or bird, fish, etc.) of 8HD or less. The caster maintains his intelligence, saves, and hit points, but cannot cast spells while in animal form. Speech is possible if the animal is normally capable of mimicking human speech, such as into a parrot or a raven. Any equipment the druid is carrying is "absorbed" by the wild shape, but is not usable while in animal form. This includes worn items such as magical rings and/or armor. The spell last 1 hour or until the druid changes back into normal form. Only one change per casting is possible (no changing from form to form to form).

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