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Not Weird Al Songs

Here are some hints to determining whether or not a song is actually by "Weird Al" Yankovic:

  1. Check the song to make sure it is not any of the following.
    • Religiously or morally offensive.
    • Referring to drugs or drug paraphenalia.
    • Including any words, themes, or imagery that is beyond a "PG" rating.
  2. Check the voice in the song.
  3. Check the list below.

If you have any songs to add to this list, please email me.

Songs listed multiple times are seperate songs by seperate artists.

12 Pains Of ChristmasBob Rivers
50 Ways To Get Bin Laden
All I'm Gonna DoPaul Shanklin
American Pie (Bill Clinton version)
Another Brick In The Wall - Part 2Luther Wright & The Wrongs
Answering Machine (Friends Parody)The Barron Knights
A Salute to Breasts
A**hole SonBob Rivers
B@#*ney Spears
Baby Got JackMC Sampler & White Honkey
Baby Got No Back
Back That A** UpSouth Park, Big Gay Al
Ball StarJohnny Crass
Barney Is On FireNone Of The Above
Barney Is On FireTony Mason
Beer Polka
Beer SongBob And Tom
Bi Bi Bi
Bimbo Girl
Bimbo Number 5The Woody Show
Bohemian Rap City
Bomb IraqPaul Shanklin
Bomb IraqCapitol Steps
Bong SongHH Crew
Born in East L.A.Cheech Marin
Burning Down The ChurchBob Rivers
Cat's In The KettleBob Rivers
Chewbacca, What A WookieSupernova
Chewbacca, What A WookieGreen Jelly
Chinese Combo Number 5Tai Mai Shu
Combo Number 5AZN Pride
Cows With GunsBob Rivers
Cows With GunsDana Lyons
Darth Maul
Dirty Deeds (Done With Sheep)Bob Rivers
Don't Shoot Mr. PostmanBob Rivers
Don't Touch ThatLaszlo & Gary
Elmo's Got A GunTommy & Rumble
EskimoCorky and the Juice Pigs
F*** the MacarenaMC Rage
Furby Prank Call
Gettin' Sticky With It
Gilligan's Titanic Island
Goin' HuntinThe Arrogant Worms
Gonorrhea (Macarena Parody)
Grandpa Got Run Over by a Beer TruckDa Yoopers
Heart Attack #5John Mammoser
Hello, I Love You (Let's get Tested for AIDS)Bob Rivers
Hooker In A Bottle
Hooker on a Corner
I Bit His Ear
I Did it All for the Wookie
I Fought The Law (And I Won)The Dead Kennedys
I Like Big ButtsSir Mix-A-Lot
I Ran Over The Taco Bell DogAdam Sandler
I Wanna Be A StormtrooperThe Anarchy Steering Committee
I'm Too Sexy (Elmer Fudd Version)
If You Want To Be My Intern
In A Gadda Da Vida PolkaLoose Bruce Kerr
In A Gadda Da Vida PolkaScott Chapin
In My Speedo
Internet Sandman (Enter Napster) (Metallica Vs Napster)Johnny Crass
I Ran Over the Taco Bell Dog
Isle of SurvivorMy Hairy Brother
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)They Might Be Giants
It's Gonna Be Me (Gore Versus Bush)
Jedi Knight
Kill The WabbitMark McCollum (Ozzy Fudd)
Killing My Software
Last Vote For Al Gore
Late Night With Letterman
Let's Go Smoke Some PotDash Rip Rock
Letter To Guinnes, A
Livin' La Vida HomoR.J. from the Fishheads
Livin' La Vida YodaGavin & Todd Downing
Livin' La Vida YodaJimmy Fallon
McDonald's GirlThe Blenders
Make My Boobies One More SizeDavid Brody
Men In BrownThe Talons
Microsoft! (Bloatware)David Pogue
Microsoft Christmas
Minimum WageBob Rivers
Mo Booty Mo Problems
My DNA (Bill Clinton)
My Fart Will Go On And On
My Girlfriend DiedTom Green
My Girlfriend Is InflatableJohn Mammoser
My Name Is ... Darth VaderS.T.G.
My Voice Is High
Napster Land
Nine CoronasJohn Mammoser
Nine Inch ClawsNone Of The Above
No Hoochies
Oh Taliban
Oops, I Farted AgainBob Rivers
Oops, I S*** in my Pants
Oops, I'm Pregnant Again
Osama bin Laden Dead or Alive
Parody of Another Brick in the Wall
Pet Names For GenetaliaTom Green
Please Don't Wear That Thong
PMSBob Rivers
Rice Rice BabyMark Jonathan Davis
Saddam Hussein (Chumbawumba parody)
Secret Asian ManDa Vinci's Notebook
She Gotta Pee
Shoe BoxBarenaked Ladies
Smoke A BowlaTechnoHippies
Soft Wars: The Microsoft Empire Strikes BackCristoph
Sorry We Boned Ya
Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song
Star Trek RhapsodyHillman Morning Show
Star Trekkin'The Firm
Star Wars CantinaMark Jonathan Davis
Star Wars: Title Theme (Disco Medly)Meco Monardo
Star Wars Gangster RapBentframe
Thank God I'm a Pubic HairJohn Valby
The AOL SongBob Rivers
The Beer SongTrey Parker & Matt Stone
The Bill Gates Song
The Bin Laden Bomb Song
The Bong SongS.T.G
The Devil Went Down to JamaicaDavid Allen Coe
The Devil Went Down to JamaicaTravis Meyer
The Friends Song Parody
The Jedi Song
The Microsoft Empire Strikes Back
The Real Slim Santa
The Taliban Can
The Titanic SongEric D. Snyder
The Vagina SongPig Vomit
Thong Song
Three Inch ToolBob Rivers
ToastHeywood Banks
Ugly GirlFleming & John
Ukrainian Woman
Uncle F***erThe South Park Movie Soundtrack
Walking Around In Women's UnderwearBob Rivers
WarCraft RapQuency
Weenie In A BottleHawaiian Ryan
What If God Smoked CannibusBob Rivers
What If God Smoked CannibusUnknown Woman
Which Backstreet Boy Is GayMikeBoySlim
Who Let The Cows OutThe Waking Crew
Who Wants A RecountShamus and Brad @ KFTZ 103.3 Blackfoot
Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me (New Version)Bloodhound Gang
Will The Real Slim Shady Please Shut UpEmily Ellis
Windows 95 SucksBob Rivers
With Legs Wide Open
WonderbraBob Ricci
Wrong Foot AmputatedBob Rivers
Y.O.D.A.Luke Sienkowski
Yoda SunscreenMix 99.5FM Toronto
Yoko Broke Up The Band
You're A Porn StarJohn Mammoser
ZeldaKoji Kondo
ZeldaThe Rabbit Joint

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