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Facts For Fantasy

Crime and Punishment

Yakuza F.A.Q. by Nishio

August 5, 1994

Here is a short description for traditional Japanese yakuza.

Yakuza: Past and Present by Nishio

March 8, 1995

The yakuza can trace its origins back to as early as 1612, when people known as kabuki-mono ("crazy ones"), began to attract the attention of local officials.

Hammurabi Code of Laws by Phillip Riley

Febuary 11, 1999

Hammurabi united all of Mesopotamia under his forty-three year reign of Babylon. Although Hammurabi's Code is not the first code of laws (the first records date four centuries earlier), it is the best preserved legal document reflecting the social structure of Babylon during Hammurabi's rule.

When you consider crime & punishment for cultures in your campaign world, consider these ancient laws.

Food Facts

Who cares about the history of pretzels? Many of you that visit this website have no desire to learn anything about food history. Nevertheless many visitors are roleplayers, fantasy writers, and historians. Using foods that the reader is familiar with can help add a bit of realism to your fantasy world.

History of the Pretzel by Phillip Riley

September 15, 2005

Here is my version of the history of the pretzel until the 1600s.


Traditional Japanese Weapons by Nishio

March 9, 1995

A short history of weapons in Japan.

Some Interesting Historical Dates

July 7, 2005

Ever wondered what what the dates for some of the major inventions in human history are? Here's a big list of the approximate dates. Also included are dates of famous people, events, and periods of histoy, so that you can see how everything fits together.


Black Clothes & Hiding by Andrew Priestley

March 27, 1998

Stealth is more than just moving quietly, and dressing appropriately, it is also a method of moving where and when you will not be observed, it is also a matter of patience.

Cavewoman Blondes had More Fun by Phillip Riley

March 18, 2006

According to scientists at the University of St. Andrews, blondes have been having more fun since the end of the last Ice Age.

Mythology and Folklore

Japanese Creatures by Nishio

November 7, 1994

This page describes some animals/critters/races that appears in Japanese Legends.

Japanese Superstitions by Nishio

Febuary 23, 1995

Some Japanese superstitions.

Japanese Fairy Tales by Nishio

March 6, 1995

Favorite bedtime stories from Japan.

The Chinese Hells by Rasgon

Apr 18, 1998

Chinese Cosmology of the Inner Planes.


Way of the Samurai by Tsuentomo Yamamoto, Hagakure


The development of the samurai in ninth-century Japan occurred when the centralized aristocratic government lost power to the local landowners who employed their own armed forces.

Rank & Nobility by Phillip Riley

January 06, 2006

A list of equivalents between military and noble titles.


Japanese Religions by Nishio

March 10, 1995

Here are short descriptions for several major religions in Japan.Here are short descriptions for several major religions in Japan.

Words and Names

Oriental Names by Phillip Riley

March 27, 2003

A guide to making up your own Oriental names.

Oriental Dictionary by Phillip Riley

April 8, 2003

A long list of Oriental words.

Old Names for Illnesses by Phillip Riley

November 22, 2003

A list of old names for illnesses to add variety to your campaign world.

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