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Here's a bunch of cool fonts, including all those associated with Oriental Adventures.

GenCon Tips

May 2, 2004

It seems like I post these every year so I've decided to make a dedicated page for it. Here's a few helpful tips for first time GenCon goers. I wish I had know some of these before I went my first year:

Not "Weird Al" Yankovic Songs by Phillip Riley

November 17, 2004

I've compiled a list, from several different sources. It's a list of songs that people claim are by Weird Al but really aren't.

Truely Stunning Wallpapers

January 5, 2005

Here's some awesome wallpapers. Probably some of the best I've ever seen.

Indoor Zen Rock Garden by Phillip Riley

April 6, 2005

Your own little piece of nirvana! Make yourself an Indoor Zen Rock Garden. Actually it just started out as an easy to clean incesnse burner.

How to Take a Caffeine Nap by Phillip Riley

March 14, 2006

Sleep researchers at the Loughborough University in Britain did several tests on fatigued drivers to compare the effects of different methods for a driver can use to stay awake.

Disney's Wonderful World of Reading Checklist by Phillip Riley

April 28, 2006

I've been looking around to see if I can find a checklist but have been unable to. So I've went to several different online stores & started a list.

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