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Indoor Zen Rock Garden

Indepth instruction on how to build this? I don't think so!

Pickup any unsuspecting pot at your local store. I got mine at the local Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks.

Go to Home Depot and picked up a big bag of play sand. It only costs a few bucks. You can use that super white sand or get that stuff at the local gardening center, but it'll probably cost a lot more. Plus if you use the super white sand, you'll have a lot harder time cleaning it. With the playsand, you've just got to mix it up a little.

This started out as just a simple to clean incesnse burner.

But then when I was at my local Dollar store they had these cool little Zen Garden Accessories boxes. I just had to have one!

I couldn't find one that cheap (I didn't try too hard though). But I'm sure with a little digging on Google, you'll be able to find one pretty cheaply.

So here you see, my own little bit of nirvana. ;) I've already had 2 requests for one.

If I were to make another one for myself, I'd probably get one that's more shallow with a little more surface area.

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