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Ancient Writing

AD&D Second Edition

Martial Arts Variant by Phillip Riley

April 9, 1998

A variation of Martial Arts for AD&D Second Edition.

Runes and Runic Magical Items by Ian R Malcomson

May 21, 1998

I've got something of a write-up for runic properties for my campaign, which is derived from Saxon, Nordic and Celtic runes.

Real World Martial Arts by Phillip Riley

January 1, 1999

Real world fighting styles for your character.

Gaming on Karil by Kevin Wilson

February 2, 1999

An introduction to Karil along with an overview of it's history, faunna and flora.

Ithmong Campaign House Rules

Febuary 2, 1999

I can't remember who sent me this, but here it is.

Karilian Skills by Kevin Wilson

February 2, 1999

Includes skills, experience, weapon mastery and combat.

Karil Appendix B: Weapon Mastery by Kevin Wilson

February 2, 1999

Weapon mastery lists for Karil.

Karil Appendix C: Skills by Kevin Wilson

February 2, 1999

Skills for your character on Karil.

Karil Appendix F: Karilian Herbs by Kevin Wilson

February 2, 1999

Herbs on Karil.

Wounded & Weary by Michael Rudge & Crispin Bateman

Febuary 2, 1999

Used correctly, these new rules can add a lot of realism & excitement into your games, & it is always very satisfying to see the first level character kill the seventh level veteran warrior in the tavern. Just remember not to start pushing around those little novice adventurers when you're not wearing any armour - you could be an easy target.

Pithea, Goddess of Psionics by Sheryl Heil

April 29, 1999

Before the Time of Troubles Pitheia was virtually unknown because she was imprisoned by evil gods some five thousand years before.

New Psionic Powers by Sheryl Heil

April 29, 1999

Here are the psionic powers that are required to create psionic magic items.

Psionic Magic Items by Sheryl Heil

April 29, 1999

Psionic items are very difficult to create. Only a master Psionicists can create these items. They require long hours of concentration & a great deal of study.

Aldoran Martial Arts by Ian R Malcomson

June 21, 2000

Martial Arts styles made by Ian for his campaign world.

Expanded Archery by David Kloba

June 21, 2000

This article suggests a better method for conducting missile combat; four new types of arrows are also introduced.

Martial Arts by Unknown

June 21, 2000

Another martial arts variation for AD&D..

Martial Arts of Vadaris by Jesse Dean

June 21, 2000

Martial Arts styles created according to the rules in the The Complete Ninja's Handbook for his campaign world.

Oriental Adventures Second Edition by Andrew R Twyman

June 19, 2001

In the summer of 1994, Andrew Twyman first published his conversion of the original Oriental Adventures First Edition rulebook. In the time that I've had this on my site, I've had several requests for a printable version of these rules. So, I made a PDF of that conversion. Andrew was kind enough to write a new introduction for this publication.

Complete Ninjas Netbook by Phillip Riley

June 26, 2001

Also in 1994, I also created my first draft of the Complete Ninjas Netbook. Many changes have been made since then. This is the most current release in PDF.

Alternate Paladins

March 24, 2003

Seven new character classes follow. All are holy fighters of deep alignment convictions and should be played as such. Alignments, the entire basis of these paladin classes, must be played to the hilt. Punishment for deviations should be severe.

Conversion Guide

March 30, 2003

For those that have concerns over using modules published for the original version of AD&D with the revised 2nd Edition of the game. This includes old 1st Edition campaigners who are worried about the perceived time it would take to convert, and DMs who have never seen a 1st Edition rulebook in their lives, but would like to run a game set around an old module.


April 3, 2003

Terrifying hive monsters from the world of Magic: The Gathering, converted to AD&D. This download features artwork from Peter Hassing Christensen go to his web site to see more of his work.

Great Net Equipment List

April 3, 2003

Lots of items for your campaign world.

AD&D Skills & Powers

Martial Arts by Ian Malcomson and Phillip Riley


This articles describes how to use martial arts with Skills & Powers.


March 29, 2003

Notice Anything Different? The Perception ability score for your AD&D Game.

Classless Skills & Powers

March 30, 2003

This system, for AD&D 2nd Edition, takes the Skills & Powers idea and cleans it on up. It reconciles all the Option books and creates a simple, point-based AD&D character creation scheme that does not artificially limit your choices and provides a flexible, game-balanced way for you to create pretty much any character concept.

Oriental Adventures Conversion Manual by Phillip Riley

June 25, 2001

This is my conversion manual for older editions of Oriental Adventures.

D&D Third Edition

Martial Arts Feats by Phillip Riley & Phooka

June 12, 2003

Here are some martial arts feats for your Dungeons and Dragons character.

Complete Guide to D&D Pool by Karl Staatse

June 18, 2003

If you're looking for some rules for your “D20 Modern” game, here you go.


Kara-Tur Dieties by Talfinius

August 20, 1998

Kara-Tur is mainly dedicated to the Celestial Bureacracy. Think of it as a large govt for the deceased.

Kara-Tur Tour by Tim Martin

August 20, 1998

Descriptions of the main civilized areas of Kara-Tur.

Kara-Tur Timeline by Paul William Westermeyer

April 8, 2003

The following timeline was carefully compiled, but may be incorrect. In particular, I do not have access to the Horde boxed set.

How Many Spells Can a Spellbook Hold? by Phillip Riley

March 13, 2006

How many spells can a spellbook hold? It's unrealistic to think that a spellbook could contain an unlimited number of spells!

Easy Arrow Volleys by Phillip Riley

April 25, 2006

It's not uncommon for adventurers to be attacked by identical groups of archers, with each arrow doing the same amount of damage. Sometimes these groups are large, and rolling dice for each "to hit" can become really tedious and slow down gameplay.

Open Gaming

Festivals, Spectacles & Holidays by Phillip Riley

March 12, 2005

Here is a list of holidays & festivals to add a little realism to your campaign world.

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