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The Chinese Hells

By: Rasgon

Straight from my notes:

Buddhist/Taoist Cosmology of the Outer Planes:

8 hot hells, 8 cold hells, 10 Yama King hells, Minor hells, Lonely Hells, heaven of Needs, 18 heavens of Forms, Jade Celestial Court, 4 heavens of Formlessness, Nirvana.

(I recommend Dark Kingdom of Jade and Kindred of the East from White Wolf)

Astral Plane

Ethereal Plane

Chinese Cosmology of the Inner Planes:

Source of Positive Chi
  Radiance    Sparks     Flowers    Minerals     Steam
 Fire       Metal       Wood       Earth       Water
    Forge       Paper      Fossils      Ooze          Liquor
 Ash        Rust        Fungi      Dust        Salt
Source of Negative Chi

Summary: the upper planes for the inhabitants of the eastern realms progress from a near infinity of hells devoted to specific punishments... through to the court of the Jade Emperor, a realm of pure Law. From there it is possible to ascend to lofty realms of progressive refinement, first discarding bodily needs, than the body, and on to Nirvana and Enlightenment itself...

Meanwhile, the Inner Planes continue their stewing, brewing, and spiritual wars. On one side lies the source of Positive Chi: an energy plane of general auspiciousness. On the other side, bad luck begins. The five elemental planes, fire, water, earth, metal and wood are standard enough. Between fire and metal is the Forge: a gleaming soup of gilded threats. Between metal and wood is Paper, where everything is made from origami (I know that's Japanese, but I couldn't resist...) Toward the plane of earth, wood grows petrified and deep secrets wait to be found. Between earth and water is ooze, as usual, and between fire and water is the vast and intoxicating plane of Liquor.

Toward increasing positive chi, fire becomes Radiance, metal gives off Sparks, wood sprouts enormous cosmic Flowers, and water turns to Steam. Toward increasing negative chi, fire shrinks to Ash, metal Rusts, wood becomes corrupted by Fungi, earth crumbles to Dust, and water becomes choked with Salt.

Good luck on the planes, Hiro. Consult your i ching and sharpen your ninja-to, because you'll need all you can get.

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