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Rank and Nobility

I've had this print out forever and can't recall where I got it. It's a list of equivalents between military and noble titles. I hope it helps you.

Noble EquivalentMilitary EquivalentLiteral MeaningCommander of
Overlord---Great-Chief (Chief of ChiefsAll
"Great One"---Greatest (i.e., Polite Address)Grouped Armies
King "Your Majesty"---High-Chief (i.e. Polite Address)Client States
EarlMajor GeneralWar-ChiefCampaign Group (Division)
CountBrigadeer GeneralWar-AdvisorCommand Group (Brigade)
BaronColonelBattle-ChiefWar Group (Regiment)
BaronetMajorBattle-LeaderBattle Group (Batallion)
KnightCaptainAttack-LeaderAttack Group (Company)
SquireLieutenantRaid-LeaderRaid Group (Platoon)
SergeantSergeantRaiderPatrol-Group (Squad)
Lord---Chieftain (i.e., Polite Adress)---
Senator---Councilor (Chief-Who-Advises)---
Governor-GeneralGeneralChief's DeputyArmy

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