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Ghost Type Background

This tutorial is sutible even for beginners. Using a single ghost type tile you can make the illusion of a continuous image for the backgrounds of your pages.

  1. Create a new file (128x128, white background).
  2. Create several layers of type (with the type tool) with different colors, sizes & fonts.
  3. Here is what the image will look like so far:

  4. Right click on each layer one after another & choose 'Layer to Imagesize'.
  5. Make any text layer active & 'Offset' (right click > Image > Transforms > Offset) by Horizontal 80. This will make the type on that layer wrap around the image.
  6. Repeat this process for each layer. Create as many layers as you want, offsetting each by a different amount. Make sure that no text starts or stops in the same position vertically.
  7. Right click on any layer & choose 'Flatten Image'. Adjust the 'Brightness-Contrast' (right click > Image > Colors > Brightness-Contrast) Brightness 127 Contrast 10. You can adjust the Brightness-Contrast however you wish. This will allow you to cover it with text & graphics & makes a cool background with no seams.
  8. Save the image in your choosen image format & save it into your pattern directory.
  9. Here's a sample of what the background will look on your webpage

    Using these techniques you can make nearly any image, type or pattern you desire into a seamless tileable background.

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