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Minitiles Background

This tutorial is sutible even for beginners. Using microtiles files at 16 pixels square, you can make a background that looks like notebook paper, graph paper or many other backgrounds. As always, don't forget to save your patterns into your pattern directory.

  1. Create a new file (16x16, white background).
  2. With the 'Pencil' tool (one pixel brush), make one horizontal line & one vertical line.
  3. You can save this tile as is for a tiled background:

  4. If you want to make a background like lined notebook paper, use the 'Pencil' tool (two pixel brush) with a light blue color, make one horizontal line. This is what it will look like tiled.
  5. Create a new file (2x2, white background).
  6. Using the 'Pencil' tool (one pixel brush), make one horizontal pruple line & one horizontal black line. (You may need to increase magnification by pressing the '=' key.) To make a purple pinstripe.
  7. Create a new file (16x16, white background).
  8. Fill the background with a deep blue. Using the 'Pencil' tool (five pixel brush, light blue color), make one vertical line at the right side of the image. The choose a one pixel brush & make a verticle line at the left side of the image. This makes a striped wallpaper.
  9. Create new file (20x20, white background).
  10. With the 'Rectangular Selection' tool, select the top left corner of the image & fill it with black. Do the same to the bottom right corner. This makes a checkered pattern.
  11. Using these tecniques, you can create hundreds of different types of seamless tiled backgrounds with only a tiny file.

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