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 Like a modern day Diogenes.

Jokes & Humor

Animal Jokes

Cats in Physics

Lost Dog

To God from the dog

Computer Jokes

I put a mom and pop software company out of business.

I helped to destroy business ethics.

I put 10 school districts deep into debt.

I destroyed the internet by spreading email virii.

Every time you buy Microsoft, you support terrorism.

Top 11 Things Found in the Microsoft Cafeteria

Unknown PC Viruses

Family Humor

20 Things I Learned from My Mother

Children's Stories

Eight Again

Grandma's Boyfriend

Guts or Balls


What Starts with F and Ends with K?

Geneaolgy Humor

Laws of Genealogy

Net Humor

AOL Addiction


10 Reasons Not to Get out of Bed

101 Fun Things to do at Wal-Mart

Blondes and Suicide

Clean Stuff to Laugh at

Cliff Shoving

Couch's Rejection

Funny Stuff


Medication Warnings

New Beer Warnings

No Sex Tonight

Promiscuity Pledge

Rodney Dangerfield's Best One-Liners

Science Lesson

Stupid Warning

Things You Wish You Could Say at Work

Political Humor

Any President that lies to the American people should resign. - Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, in 1974 political debate

Keeping Cool

Religious Humor

Brother John's Monestary life

Getting in the Pearly Gates

Quotes from Church bullitens

Retracted Bible Quote

Shit Happens

Sports Jokes

"Nobody in the game of football should be called a genius. A genius is somebody like Norman Einstein." - Joe Theisman

Fishing Vacation

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